Playboy TV Swing season 4, episode 2 features Dan and Heather as the next newbies to enter the Swing house. 

Dan and Heather have already set themselves some very clear goals and expectations for their time in the Playboy Swing house. They are hoping that Heather can have her first experience with another woman, and she soon gets that wish fulfilled.

Dan has some lesser expectations and merely wants to display some form of exhibitionism. And he also has his wishes fulfilled.

At the end of the show when Dr Jess asks them if they are going to swing again, they surprisingly say that it was just a fling and they will not swing again. They seemed to have a great time in the house and a very enjoyable experience, but it was great that they tried swinging and decided that it was not for them, instead of just saying that it was not for them without even trying it.

They were a great couple who were open minded and it is great to see that they are secure enough in their relationship that the swing experience brought them closer together. A solid episode of Playboy TV Swing Season 4.

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