Anomolous bodies studied recently and STILL under investigation.
Possible ET bodies with bone structure scanned and anaylzed, ct-scan/xray , genetic sampling still being investigated by international professionals in south america/mexico/USA/RUSSIA
If proven real, It could be a new discovery of new creatures on Earth. 

Gaia goes into detail and the investigators/ people of the team are mentioned and elaborated upon 
Many series that are worth checking out and other great content

Aired on Gaia.com 
series link: https://www.gaia.com/series/unearthing-nazca

Gaia has a films and series section that airs alot of content that is interesting and resonant 
: https://www.gaia.com/

Series Of DIsclosure Series Is Changing our world ! 2017/2018/2019 evolution we are Administering Our Universal Memory
Earth Has History Of ET/ UFO Contact and Multidimensional Interaction 

All Ancient Cultures Have Immense Historic, Hieroglphic, Art, Language And Definition Of Non Human/ Angelic/ Demonic / Alien Like archetypes and parallels . 

This Video Showcases A Brief Report Of Documentaries and photos aired to the public on the recent discovering of the skeletal/Ct -scan / Sampling process of the bodies. 

Check out AnuLifeRecords for Universal/ Multidimensional / ET - related Art : https://anuliferecords.deviantart.com/gallery/ 


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