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The Republican Party Is About To Stab Trump In The Back On Major Issue

President Donald Trump is a different kind of Republican.
He stands up against the establishment, including those in his own party.
But the Republicans are about to stab Trump in the back on a major issue.
Fighting against illegal immigration is Trump’s biggest battle.
He is working to build a wall, end birthright citizenship, and prevent illegal immigrants from gaining asylum status.
That’s because he understands the issue well and knows not only what to do about it, but also why it is vital to oppose it.
The main reason most people oppose illegal immigration is the effect it has on the economy.
Importing low-skilled laborers who don’t have to pay taxes is a major drag on the economy.
But Trump also understands the cultural impact of illegal immigration.
Illegal immigrants are less likely to assimilate in their communities than legal immigrants.
They often hold their home countries at a higher regard than the United States, only choosing to live in the U.S. due to the general welfare programs.
So while in the U.S., they have a huge incentive to promote the expansion of welfare programs at the expense of citizens.
While they generally can’t vote themselves, they have been taking advantage of a nefarious tactic to gain influence in the communities they reside, which are usually highly Democrat-controlled.
When the census counts residents in certain areas, they don’t have a question that asks about citizenship.
The question hasn’t been included since the 1950s.
So this allows illegal immigrants to be counted in the census.
It also allows illegal immigrants to be considered when drawing Congressional districts.
That gives the communities they live in a larger say in Congress because it inflates the number of citizens.
And because illegal immigrants often live in Democrat-run sanctuary cities, this is a clear advantage to the Democrats since they oppose efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.
That’s why President Trump is working to bring the question back for the 2020 census.
But it isn’t proving to be an easy thing to do.
He is facing heavy opposition from Democrats, who are also working to court Republicans to join the fight against Trump’s proposal.
Derek Kilmer, a Democrat from Washington state is leading the effort.
He told Reuters that he is going to “pursue action with my colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee to block the inclusion of the citizenship question.”
And there are indications that include a deal to gain Republican support.
Democrats are considering giving Trump some form of wall-funding in order to keep the question off the census.
The funding is said to be short-term to give Democrats just enough time to take control of Congress in 2019.
So even if they do give funding for the wall, the funding likely won’t last.
But it does make clear why the Democrats don’t want the question on the census.
If the citizenship question is included, it will likely hurt them in future Congressional elections.
Do you think that the census should include a question about citizenship?
Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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