Do you support Donald Trump more, or do you lean more towards Hillary Clinton? Are you a democrat, republican or communist? Find out by taking this quick 10 question quiz!

10 – 16 points
Equality is the name of the game for you, and you are committed to seeing meaningful change in people’s lives. You look at the bigger picture to achieve your goals, and you do so with fairness in mind.

17 – 24 points
You can see it from all the party’s perspectives when it comes to positive changes, but you just can’t get on board with some of the negatives. There’s no definitive party for you, and voting is always tough when you’re free from political ideology.

25 – 32 points 
You believe that leadership is important, and that people are essentially sheep that need shepherding. You think that everyone should have equal amounts, apart from you – you deserve more, of course.

33 – 40 points 
The economy is an important point for you, and improving productivity is up there with your most important priorities. Your political beliefs center on this, and you believe that this is the way to keep your country free and independent. 


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