This is a video recording of the original Match of the Day clip from the day when Newcastle lost 3-0 to Aston Villa, a match infamous for the fight between Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer after the third goal.

Yes i know it's bad quality - it's converted from VHS to DVD, it's the best i can do with no effort :)

The Newcastle-Villa match starts at 2:07
The fight is at 12:03

I love rewatching this clip - there are so many good parts, and it gives context to the boiling point that was reached on the pitch.

Newcastle had four decent penalty appeals, and all of Villa's goals are a result of shambolic defending. 

Villa's second goal features a remarkable piece of acting from young Toon defender Steven Taylor (at 9:51), who tries to persuade the referee that the ball didn't hit his arm. Alas, his gambit failed.

And then Villa get another penalty for not much - the stadium must've been seething.

The commentator saying "a thoroughly miserable afternoon for Newcastle is completed"... little did he know!

Bowyer asks for a pass from Dyer, and again, and again, and then loses his rag. Dyer ain't taking that shit, but doesn't realise that Bowyer's mental - all hell breaks loose.

Shearer mouthing off at the referee 12:55

And then the reaction afterwards - the hastily convened press conference, starring Doris who knows that Sounness can't be kept waiting for his cup of tea (13:55), and then Gary, Alan and Mark discussing the incident. 

Gary's voice breaking when he says "somebody at some stage has got to stand up for this sort of behaviour in football"

an all-time classic "wtf" day, recorded here for full posterity. 


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