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The SafeCalm Dog Training Collar works; it’s safe; it's comfortable, and doesn’t restrict a dog's vision. It provides a safe, quick, and humane way to create instant calm and obedience.                              
The SafeCalm Collar doesn't choke; pinch or pull from the snout like competitive training collars. SafeCalm uses the snap sound of the chain to correct, and no other product uses the Correction Pull-down Effect which gently pulls down on the snout for correction. The SafeCalm Collar helps or fixes all behavior issues: walking, anxiety, aggression, dominance, frustration, high-energy, hyperactivity, insecurity, jumping, barking. 
The SafeCalm Collar simulates a mother dog calming her puppy by nudging its snout with her mouth, the first calming sensation a dog experiences; it means "You're safe, be calm". 
The SafeCalm Collar is a benefit to all dog owners, disabled persons, seniors, children, trainers, pet liability firms, and people who work in the pet services industry. 

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