Fortnite SKULL TROOPER Skin Is BACK! (Reaper Pickaxe + Ghoul Trooper Coming Back!) - Item Shop Today In this fortnite skull trooper gameplay, I bought the Skull trooper! skull trooper coming back yes skull trooper is in the item shop right now! skull trooper in shop! Doing skull trooper challenge and more in this live gameplay stream! skull trooper pickaxe in the shop right now! doing the skull trooper back bling challenge! skull trooper return! now the skull trooper is purple if you're a og! skull ranger, skull ranger in shop right now with skull trooper! skull ranger gameplay in this stream if i buy it! I think there is skull ranger challenges! SKULL TROOPER Skin Returning! (Reaper Pickaxe + Ghoul Trooper Coming Back!) - Item Shop! In this Battle Royale LIVE STREAM, skull trooper might be coming back with ghoul trooper coming back,  reaper pickaxe coming back and with new halloween costume coming out! the Ghoul Trooper are one of the rarest skins that has every come to the item shop! I will be waiting for item shop, item shop today live with item shop countdown! skull trooper item shop, yea skull trooper will be on the store aka item shop, not sure when it will come back aka reaper pickaxe is one of the rarest pickaxes in the game atm! reaper is aka scythe! reaper pickaxe sound is soo good! reaper pickaxe coming back if skull trooper and ghoul trooper comes back too! doing a reaper pickaxe gameplay if it comes back to the item shop today! Also Item shop october 14,  Item shop october 15!

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1.  What sensitivity do I use?
- 400 DPI, Sensitivity X: 0.13, Y: 0.13

2. How old am I?
- 13 years old.

3. How long have I played Fortnite?
- Season 1.


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