In this episode we meet Diane (23), a politically active, compassionate millennial who is doing her part to change the world. In this day and age where millennials are consumed with celebrities and distractions, it's a rarity to find someone who is actually willing to make a difference.

Follow Diane's lead, people. Make the necessary sacrifices to make this world a better place on Facebook.

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Ashley Park

Directed by: Skyler Fulton
Produced by: Skyler Fulton and Isabella Roman
Written by: Alec MacDonald, Connor Toole, Skyler Fulton
Shot & Edited by: Colin Hingel

Music Courtesy of Extreme Music:

“Ursa Major”
Written by Russell Jason Emanuel and Dolphin Taylor

“Collider Scope”
Written by Headchopperz 2 and Headchopperz 1

Written by Rhian Sheehan, Rachel Wood and Tony Morley

“Shining Through”
Written by Michael Standal and Daniel Carl Holter

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