Ilhan Omar.. She is ours!

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Dennis Itumbi has landed in hot soup because of an issue relating to the US Midterm elections.

It all started after the Secretary of Digital Innovations and Diaspora Communications took to Twitter to congratulate Ilhan Omar, after she won in the Minnesota House race.

Ilhan who has Kenyan roots, became one of the first Muslim woman in Congress which is no mean feat by any standard.

"The new Congress woman out of Minnesota. She lived in Daadab refugee camp in Kenya for four years." Itumbi tweeted.

Adding, "Democrat Omar proves once again that you can re-write your story. She did not know English when she went to USA at age 12 and learnt the language by watching TV. Congrats!"

But Itumbi's sentiments evoked mixed reactions with a section of netizens responding with reminders of his past sentiments on the refugee issue in the country.

Particularly, critics reminded him how he celebrated after the passage of the Security Law (Amendment) Act 2014 that changed the Kenya's Refugees Act.

"Kenya can now have a controllable number of refugees, whom can fit in its camps and be effectively policed," Itumbi intimated.

The controversial bill says, "the number of refugees and asylum seekers permitted to stay in Kenya shall not exceed 150,000".

Tweeps could not comprehend how a man who once shunned refugees was now celebrating the success of one.

According to the irony pointers, Omar only achieved the feat in the US, that she most likely wouldn't have done the same had she stayed in Kenya where equal opportunity is thin.

Others jogged Itumbi's memory on how atrocities were meted on Somali refugees at the infamous "Kasarani Concentration Camp".

It will be remembered that back in 2014, suspected illegal Somali immigrants were rounded up in a security swoop across Eastleigh and South C estates after a series of terror attacks in the city.

Activists were up in arms over the squalid conditions the detainees had to endure in the makeshift camp at the stadium.

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