"My Boy Jack", a poem by Rudyard Kipling, is directly related to at least two of the WWI stories - one of John "Jutland Jack" Cornwell (+16) fatally wounded in the battle of Jutland, as well as of the poet's own son, John Kipling (+18) killed in the battle of Loos, whose fate was still unknown at the time of writing.

Regardless of the zeitgeist, political background or individual motivations behind such countless lives tragically lost before their time, the history of wars always repeats itself with mirror images haunting all sides of each conflict - often more than just two sides.

Disturbingly similar, truly universal stories of shattered families, trapped between the phantoms of posthumous honours, fame and glory, and all too real suffering, uncertainty, grief and everyday struggle to carry on. There's no closure, and many of those left behind witness further tragedies unfold when parades and solemn speeches are over. 

The aftermath is poignantly heavy with voices of heartbroken parents, burdened with an enduring sense of guilt, desperately trying to understand if anything could have ever gone differently.

Our arrangement is based on the song composed by Peter Bellamy, and its heartfelt rendition by Anni Fentiman (www.oldandnewtradition.com).


Knot is Iweta and Witek, who first met over 25 years ago, in an Irish music band, back in Poland.

Singing and playing together over the years, not only did they borrow from their beloved Irish repertoire, but they also garnered various songs from many, often quite distant places and genres that resonated with them for many reasons.

Living in Ireland now, they are frequent visitors to traditional music sessions, where they share their music in a minimalistic, acoustic setting. Additionally, when recording Witek also likes to make use of his instrumental arsenal to complete the stories with sounds from all over the world.



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