Most of us know something about mental disorders, like OCD or social anxiety. However, for every well-known diagnosis, there’s a handful of others (mainly coming out of 20th-century Freudian psychology) that haven’t achieved that level of notoriety. Here’s ten of the most bizarre psychological disorders ever diagnosed by a doctor. Which of these are you already familiar with? 

More details and sources can be found here: https://psych2go.net/10-of-the-most-bizarre-and-shocking-psychological-disorders/

Split brain 
Cotard syndrome
Fregoli Delusion 
Stendhal Syndrome 
Dissociative Identity Disoder 
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome 
Reduplicate Paramnesia 
Lima Syndrome 

We know that many of you guys want us to cover more psychology topics, especially around less known mental health issues, hence, we will be doing more of that! Stay tune and continue sharing our mission with others! 

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