Start of Sony / Playstation Press Conference: 26:30

Because I know that Funhaus will only be making their E3 2018 commentary available to RT First members (following their initial livestream of said event), I decided to screencap it for later watching. In a surprising turn of events, I decided that I would upload each press conference (with the Funhaus commentary) to YouTube, because I want to share it with y'all who didn't watch it live and don't want to pay for RT First. Also, some of you might not be able to pay for RT First (whether it be due to financial reasons or otherwise) - this is for you as well.

Am I a cheap fuck who should burn in Hell for doing this?
- Probably.

Will Rooster Teeth chase me down with pitchforks and torches and threaten to burn down my house and kill me and my family if I don't take down this video?
- It's a possibility, sure.

Are you uploading this for monetary gains or to increase "online fame" (lol)?
- Not at all. As mentioned previously, I wanted to keep a copy of the "DRUNK E3 with FUNHAUS" livestreams for myself offline, but decided to make them publically available as well. That's all - no fishy Dizness going on.

Are you planning on uploading all of the press conferences where Funhaus are drinking and talking over them?
- Yes! Or at least the ones I have time to screencap. However, I'm not busy during this E3, so I should be able to record all the press conferences :)
...it does however mean I will almost have to pull one or two all-nighters to record it all, because I live in Europe (Time zone = CET), so many of the press conferences will either happen close to midnight or during the night / very early morning. Please pray for me :(

Why is the video only in 30 fps?! (may or may not apply to all videos)
- Because since Vegas Pro won't use my GTX 1080 to render the edited video, rendering time is a bitch when the video is around or above 2 hours long. Reducing the fps of the video from 60 to 30 also greatly reduces rendering time. But hey, at least the video is in 1080p, right guys?

Do I regret pulling all-nighters to be able to record, edit and upload this?
- Hell naw!

I do not own the rights to publish this video - the rightful owners of the content in this video are Rooster Teeth, LLC and it's daughter company/channel Funhaus. Should any of the former mentioned entities be in disagreement with my decision to publish the recorded content, I will take it down if asked to do so. 


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