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» About :  There was a lot of comparing and contrasting when Love Island returned to screens on Monday evening, with many viewers claiming new girl Kendall Rae-Knight had an 'uncanny' resemblance to former contestant Kady McDermott.But also raising eyebrows was 2018 contestant Niall Aslam's similarity to 2017 star Chris Hughes.Fans rushed to twitter to compare the two, with many insisting that Niall sounded exactly like Chris.This led to a plethora of comments about how he was trying to 'be' this year's Chris - accusing him of attempting to cash in on the fact that Chris was a fan favourite last season.'Niall is trying very hard to be Chris Hughes,' one person began, with another agreeing and posting 'The fact that Niall sounds like Chris from last year is starting to annoy me' to Twitter.   Share this article   Share   Another typed 'A kid called Niall on there desperately wants to be the Chris Hughes of the series' as someone agreed by commenting: 'Niall is trying to chat like Chris and it’s doing me in'.Someone else posted: 'Hope the rest of these guys come with more originality because Niall is giving off Chris & Kem vibes and it’s annoying me.'This was echoed by another who wrote: 'Can Niall just get his own personality rather than trying to be like Chris to impress everyone.''This geezer on Love Island is so trying to be like Chris and it’s vexing me already!' wrote another.'All I can hear is Chris when Niall speaks, I can't unhear it,' penned someone else.There was a slew of other tweets, all simply amazed at the resemblance in their voices. Comments appeared to the tune of 'Anyone else think Niall sounds like Chris from last year?' and 'Niall literally sounds exactly like Chris Hughes' and 'If you close your eyes and listen to Niall, it’s like Chris is back in the villa'.Meanwhile, further fans took to Twitter in their droves to  poke fun at the popular ITV2 show for 'cloning' previously popular islanders.Kendall instantly won the hearts of viewers, after revealing she had been dumped by her fiancé last year, and hitting it off with her first partner Niall.However, many were instead distracted by her striking looks - which they claimed were 'scarily' similar to that of Kady from the second series of the show.Twitter was immediately flooded with comments about their likeness, with one writing: 'Is it just me freaked at the fact that I think I'm looking at Kady but no it's Kendall'   While others added: 'The resemblance between kady from season 2 and kendall is uncanny' and 'I'm sorry but is Kendall not the spitting image of Kady from a couple series back.'One added bluntly: 'Kendall is just a b-tech Kady from series 2' while a further fan joked: 'Did Kady change her name to Kendall to get back in for another series?' Not stopping there, others claimed the duo also looked similar to last year's winner Amber Davies - lea 


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