Bill SirWilliam joined the EDL (English Defense League) in 2012 and is at present still a member or as his Google+ about page states 'Newcastle EDL foot soldier, 2012 - present.  He may have unofficially left the EDL and now is a member of Pegida UK or indeed Tommy Robinson used Bill SirWilliam as a Speech Filler for his foundling Pegida UK group.  Some state, this is the EDL re-branded; remembering that Tommy Robinson sunk his boats with the EDL once some say he took £8,000 from the Quilliam Project with the agreement of distancing himself from the original EDL.

He states within his speech that in the past 30 years the figures 'may' be up to a million children, your women have been abused by this cult, that needs squashing and needs squashing immediately.  SirWilliam (Bill) makes an appeal for these women to come forward and report to the police and witness against their attackers.  

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