Long-term review of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, six months after launch and following the official reveal of the P30 smartphone family. Should you still consider buying this 6.4-inch super-premium mobile in 2019, or upgrade to something else?

Well, long story short, this is still my favourite handset right now, even if it's not the speediest performer out there and rivals such as Samsung's Galaxy S10 have surpassed it for some camera features. The Mate 20 Pro is a strong all-rounder, boasting Huawei's slick EMUI 9 software, solid gaming performance for the likes of PubG Mobile, and a flexible tri-lens camera that is still brilliant for family and tourist snaps. You get incredible battery life, impressive Super Charge tech and a gorgeous Quad HD+ OLED display, making this one of the best mobiles even in 2019.

In fact, you get sharper visuals, better stereo audio output and that excellent 3D face recognition here, unlike the new P30 Pro. So if you're after one of the greatest Android phones around, we still highly recommend the Mate 20 Pro. Go check out our camera comparisons and versus feature with Huawei's latest flagships for more info. 


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