It's the first pod of 2017! In this episode, Katie admits that the only time she thought of Producer Matt during the Winter break was when the Redskins lost (2:55), and recaps her vacation which was definitely better than yours (4:00).

Then, it's time for Fade That Pick - Playoff Edition! First, Katie and Producer Matt make their picks for Raiders vs. Texans, even though they will be doing literally anything other than watching that game (7:30). Then, they choose between the Lions and Seahawks after Katie offers her theory on how the Seahawks always suck when they are favored by a big line (10:55). They also examine the match-up between the Dolphins and Steelers, and question whether or not Jay Ajayi is a real human being (15:40). Finally, they choose between the Giants and Packers after Katie tells Producer Matt what this podcast is really about, and it's not football (20:00).

After Katie shares her Lock of the Week (25:30), comedian Dan Soder joins the podcast! He sits down with Katie to discuss why Jed York is actually a modern-day boy king (28:50), make a message for Future Katie when the Patriots eventually suck (35:50), say how hilarious it will be when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Superbowl this year (40:40), and deconstruct the family dynamic in the Manning household (44:15). Finally, Dan and Katie take turns roasting the Patriots and 49'ers to decide which team is easier to make fun of (46:25).

To close out the pod, Katie reveals her first impressions on this season's Bachelor contestants (54:10) and answers your Junkmail question of how effective puns are as ice-breakers (59:10).

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