During 1996 NBA Finals Rodman averaged 7.5 points and 14.7 rebounds in 37.5 minutes per game. He tied an NBA Finals record for most offensive rebounds in a game with 11. And he did that in Game 2 and the deciding game 6. 

Rodman was the best Bulls player in a crucial wins in game 2 (close game, +4 win), when he had 20 rebounds (tied record for offensive rebounds – 11) and game 6 (Sonics have won two previous games), when Jordan struggled badly (5/19 FG, 5 TOV), but Dennis again saved Chicago: 19 rebounds (again 11 offensive), 9 points, 5 assists and three steals. He also played mind games with Kemp (and earlier in the series with Brickowski) and eliminated him as Shawn was fouled out and most of fouls he committed on Rodman.

After the finals George Karl said: “As you evaluate the series, Dennis Rodman won two basketball games. Game 2 and tonight, he was the reason they were successful.” And some quotes after game 2: “Rodman was definitely the difference,” Hershey Hawkins said. “Rodman killed us,” said Vincent Askew. “There is no question he was the MVP of the game,” Karl said. “His offensive rebounds hurt us. A lot of possessions, the momentum of the game, the style of the game, and even the scoreboard might have changed.”

Rodman should have been the MVP of that Finals. The Bulls shot much worse from the field than the Sonics in the Finals but still won. How did that happen? Simple. The Bulls got more shot opportunities from offensive rebounds basically negating many of their misses. Rodman, by himself, secured and additional 41 possessions for the Bulls with his offensive rebounding including 2 games where he tied an NBA Finals record. 


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