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Ladybugs are one of the most popular insects all around the world because of its polka-dotted appearance. Despite its popularity, peope think that ladybugs are actually bugs. The fact is, ladybugs are beetles, under order coleoptera, class coccinelidae. 

Do ladybugs bite? The answer is here: https://youtu.be/cbUr-kfp-HQ

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This video discusses three main thing about ladybugs:

1. What do ladybugs eat?
2. Do ladybugs bite?
3. What can I feed a pet ladybug?
4. Are ladybugs poisonous? https://youtu.be/pWswwpeO2rw

What do ladybugs eat? Ladybugs are predators, they eat small insects and aphids is the most favorite food of lady bugs. Scientists found out that on average, a ladybug can consume more than 5000 aphids its entire life! It means that if you are trying to get rid of aphids, a good number of ladybugs can help you with your pest control scheme. 

Because ladybugs love to eat aphids, farmers or gardeners welcome ladybugs. And because of what ladybugs eat, some companies even sell live larvae for you top be able to use in your garden as a biological control agent.

Do ladybugs bite? No they don’t they are predators with smaller insect but ladybugs are totally safe for humans. Ladybugs don’t bite!

Because of its being an odorless and harmless insect, ladybugs can be a pet for your kids. This video also tells what ladybugs eat during captivity.

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Are ladybugs poisonous? https://youtu.be/pWswwpeO2rw

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