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We get up super early so we can make our way to London Heathrow Airport for our flight with Delta to JFK New York.

Check in and security went smoothly, Ash got selected for an extra security check before the flight which was just to check the bags again and him, nothing major which was all good. :)

At the airport we flew from Terminal 3 and the shops and places to eat were good. We found a Cath Kidston and they had the recent Alice In Wonderland collaboration items there and they were really cool!

We flew with Delta and the flight experience was really good!
We felt like we had slightly more leg room compared to Virgin, not sure if we actually did or not. The entertainment was better, there was a lot more films, tv shows to choose from. It seemed like they have a contract with Sky as they had a lot of shows from Sky, which was great! Also you get free Wifi only for messaging, so you can message people through Imessage or Whatsapp its great!

The food was actually good for airplane food, both the gluten free meals and the normal meal. The snacks were tasty too! We actually finished airplane food for once, which means it was good :) 

The flight was quicker than expected too, we go from London Heathrow to JFK in six and half hours! That was really nice that it was quicker than we thought :)

Once we got to JFK security was fine and we got through fairly quickly and then made our way to Manhattan by catching the Airtrain to Jamaica and once there we got the LIRR train to Penn Station which was a lot easier than we expected :) 

Our hotel was only a 5 minute walk from Penn Station which was perfect and we got checked in, dropped our bags off ready to go head out and explore!

Next time we head out to Times Square, find the Disney Store and walk around Central Park.

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