1. Various of the site where the attack occurred 
2. More U.S. soldiers at the site  
3. Panic amongst Iraqi locals
4. More soldiers
5. More panic as gunfire is heard
6. Smoke rising from gunfire, more gunfire is heard
7. U.S. tank driving through street  
8. More U.S. soldiers
9. Iraqi locals
10. U.S soldier in street
11. Iraqi's hiding behind shop front 
12. U.S. soldiers on humvees 
13. Soldiers running through streets
14. Soldier taking detainee
15. Chopper flying over the site    
16. High shot showing detainees 
17. Detainees sitting 
18. Street scene with U.S. tank
19. Extreme wide of street


Unknown gunmen opened fire on U.S. soldiers in the Mashtal neighbourhood in eastern Baghdad Tuesday morning. 

U.S. soldiers opened fired on suspects and gunshots could be heard.

Locals claimed that a U.S. soldier was killed in the attack. 

U.S. soldiers surrounded the area of the attack and detained some Iraqis as they searched for the suspects. 

There was no immediate comment by the U.S. army on the said attack.

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