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Raheem Sterling penalty: ‘Man City should have told ref' - Man Utd pundits mock incident
 With Manchester City leading 1-0 at the Etihad thanks to David Silva, Sterling went down in the box when through on goal. Referee Viktor Kassai immediately pointed to the spot and Gabriel Jesus stepped up to double City’s advantage. But it appeared from first viewing Sterling had tripped himself up by kicking the turf and replays confirmed that was the case. And at half time of Manchester United’s game with Juventus, which was goalless, Gary Lineker had to make viewers aware of the incident in the other match.   “We’ve just got to bring your attention to something that shouldn’t really be that amusing but it is,” Lineker said. “Raheem Sterling for Manchester City, they’re 2-0 up by the way, this was given remarkably as a penalty. “Watch this, here you go. It’s clearly not a dive, it’s an accident and Sterling didn’t appeal at all for the penalty. “But the goalkeeper there, Andriy Pyatov, at least he sees the funny side.” Former United stars Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes and Owen Hargreaves were on the panel and found the incident amusing. Ferdinand, though, reckoned the Manchester City players should have told the referee it was not a penalty. “I think the City players should have just said: ‘Listen, it’s not a penalty’,” he said. Lineker replied: “Maybe they did, we don’t know.” Hargreaves could not believe the penalty had been awarded, especially with the extra officials behind the goal. “Worst refereeing decision,” he said. “That reaction (from Sterling) is brilliant. “How many refs do they need to get that right?” Lineker concluded: “Great stuff, well we shouldn’t say great stuff, but remarkable.” 


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