Archangel Jeremiel helps you to ground and center your power to relax anxieties, which causes you to check yourself, before embracing an opportunity. It is time for you to heal the habit, which creates imbalance in your receptivity of your goals. You fear you aren't qualified to receive the opportunity, because you aren't giving enough credit to work you do in refining your spiritual awakening. These gifts are rewards for the success you make in raising the frequency for others through your commitment to your truth. This week presents a stronger connection with your third eye's spiritual clarity. You have the opportunity to see pass the illusions. Listen to your honest feelings as strong guidance helping you to understand the events around you, as they're being updated for you. Don't move ahead to the result. Stay in the moment and trust what you pickup. Pay attention to the season of what's occurring. You may want it to happen now, but the timing isn't quite there. Open your heart and receive the messages you're receiving to make small and huge bold changes.

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