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Death Stranding is the next Hideo Kojima game coming exclusively to PS4 & PS4 Pro. No release date is known yet, though I wouldn't expect the game to come out in 2018 but rather 2019. At shows like E3 2016 and The Game Awards 2017 & 2016, we've seen a number of trailer videos, that have teased the game's world and characters, played by Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo Del Toro. However, with a lack of gameplay shown so far, what does all of this mean? In this video, I explain why I'm excited for Death Stranding, while I do an analysis of all 3 trailers that we've seen so far and try to have them explained a little more. I discuss the music, theme of the game, gameplay to expect, several theories and much more. The music in this video is all from the official trailers and the Metal Gear Solid & PT Silent Hills OST. Thx for watching another one of my in-depth documentary type videos! 


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