Linus Quincannon (Tony Martin) quits the U.S. Army in protest at the slaughter of Native Americans. He becomes a frontier scout, and is sent on an expedition to look into the disappearance of a cargo of munitions. He's joined by the lovely Maylene (Peggie Castle), who wants to find out if her brother died in an attack on a faraway fort. In a savage environment of hostile American Indians and renegade soldiers, Quincannon searches for the truth, and Maylene falls in love with him.

Tony Martin as Linus Quincannon
Peggie Castle as Maylene Mason
John Bromfield as Lt. Burke
John Smith as Lt. Phil Hostedder
Ron Randell as Capt. Bell
John Doucette as Sgt. Calvin
Morris Ankrum as Col. Harry Conover
Peter Mamakos as Blackfoot Sam
Edmund Hashim as Iron Wolf 


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