Thur, Jan 18, GUEST: Tarl Warwick aka Styxhexenhammer666 (writer, illustrator, YouTuber) links: https://www.youtube.com/user/Styxhexenhammer666 | http://tarlwarwickbooks.blogspot.com | He answers why the name Styxhexenhammer666, why the no-shirt with black leather jacket, what apatheism is, having been fundamentalist Christian, evangelical (due to his mother), atheist, Satanist, now Occultist and into spirituality. Mothers, not usually fathers, push church and organized religion on kids.  He does not believe human beings are in a fallen state, but that we have behaviors from evolution and culture that aren’t beneficial. He was married at 20, but divorced as an atheist with an agnostic wife who became more Catholic and it became a problem. He says most religious leaders are full of it & dishonest. He tries to be honest, and does a lot of counter-propaganda on his YouTube channel to combat globalists and the lamestream, etc. He thinks the knowledge of good and evil is good, and a basis for freedom. He says he’s at peace. Jesse says people already have the knowledge of evil, due to messed up families, but when they get the knowledge of good, they get puffed up and prideful, and think themselves gods. Tarl thinks pride is good if it’s well-founded. When he gets feelings of emptiness or inner conflict he works harder, producing good results for himself and others. Jesse says he has perfect peace since he forgave his mother and returned to his earthly and spiritual fathers. Bible Go-to Guy of Los Angeles asks him about psychiatry, which Tarl says is mostly quackery, a money-making racket to sell pills and get government funding by over-diagnosing things like ADHD, autism, etc. Jesse says that you have to be crazy to go to a psychiatrist, which makes everybody laugh. Tarl supports Trump, although not mindlessly. He believe racism exists, but not the way the leftists think. Jesse says it doesn’t exist, that it’s just good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, judgment. http://jlptalk.com live M-F 6-9am PT / 9-noon ET. Call-in: 888-775-3773 

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