नाज़्का में मिली एक एलियन की Body // The Nazca Alien Mummy Unsolved Mystery // UFO, Aliens, Secrets

SCIENTISTS continue to claim mysterious three-fingered, alien-like mummies are not like modern humans and could be extraterrestrials or an undiscovered ancient race. Despite earlier tests suggesting the bizarre corpses did have human DNA, scientists linked to the research team that announced the discovery last June, maintain they have found significant differences.

The ‘alien’ mummies have not been made available for examination. The only evidence remains the video files, and the descriptions made by their ‘discoverer’ — Konstantin Korotkov - and ‘specialists’ in his employ.

He says ‘Maria’ — the best preserved body — was found by a Peruvian peasant. He describes it as having an elongate skull. The rib structure is unusual. There are also only three appendages on its hands and feet

“This humanoid being also has 23 chromosomes, as we have. Now there is already a detailed analysis to see whether all the chromosomes, whether all amino acids are located just like we have. Does it correspond to some people who live in South America, Africa or elsewhere, and are there any differences?” Mir24.tv attributes Professor Konstantin Korotkov of the National Research University Konstantin Korotkov as saying.

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