(26 Oct 2004) SHOTLIST 
Day shots 
1. Rubble of demolished houses
2. Iraqis standing on rubble  
3. Boy collects items from rubble
4. Various shots of Iraqis standing and sitting on rubble 
5. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Vox pop, Resident:
"They attacked these houses at 3.30 in the morning and thank God there were no people inside. They destroyed five houses."
6. Rubble
Night Shots
7. Man picking through rubble
Night Shots
8. Inside destroyed house
Night Shots
8. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Vox pop, Witness:
"As you can see, these houses belong to very poor and simple people. They left their houses because of the bombing that woke us up at 3 o'clock (AM). We were asleep in peace. I don't know what they want to achieve by doing that. Is there (can see you any) Mujahedeen in this place?  Is there al-Zarqawi in this place?  No one accepts this. God doesn't accept this. And if there is an interim government, where are the negotiations they talk about?  And in the month of Ramadan people have to leave their houses and live in the open, what are they (those conducting the airstrikes) gaining from this?  What is their objective? The people can't sleep or leave their houses because of the bombing. I just don't know what they (those conducting the airstrikes) want."
Night Shots
9. Various of men climbing through rubble
10. Inside destroyed house
11. Rubble
The U.S. military reported on Tuesday an aide to Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in an airstrike in the militant stronghold of Fallujah.
The 3 a.m. (0000GMT) precision strike hit a known safehouse being used by al-Zarqawi's group, killing a "known associate," a military statement said. 
U.S. officials believe al-Zarqawi's group, is headquartered in Fallujah, located about 65 kilometres (40 miles) west of Baghdad.
The group, formerly known as Tawhid and Jihad is now believed to be formally aligned with al-Qaida since a recent announcement made on an Islamic website.  
A resident at the scene said the houses were empty at the time. 
Earlier some residents denied the houses were being used by al-Zarqawi.
Zarqawi's group is believed to be behind dozens of attacks on Iraqi and US-led forces and kidnappings of foreigners. 
The terror group has claimed responsibility in numerous suicide bombings and beheadings of foreign hostages.
U.S. forces have been hitting the insurgent stronghold for weeks, stepping up aerial and artillery assaults significantly in recent weeks in an attempt to root out the group, which renamed itself Al-Qaida in Iraq.
A U.S. statement said the recent strikes and raids were targeting the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi network and have "severely degraded its ability to conduct attacks." 
Fallujah fell under rebel control after the Bush administration ordered Marines to lift their three-week siege of the city in April. U.S. Commanders have spoken of a new offensive to clear rebel strongholds ahead of Iraq's crucial elections in January.
United States has offered a 25 (m) million US dollar bounty on al-Zarqawi - the same amount as that offered for Osama bin Laden.

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