We all search for purpose and meaning in life. But what is the true purpose in our life? According to nonduality teacher Roger Castillo there is only one true purpose in life: to be. Because when we are, when we life our true nature, then everything that we want - happiness, peace, love - is in our hands, always.


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Roger Castillo is a nonduality teacher / spiritual teacher, born in Malta and migrated to Australia when he was 11.

Roger is a direct disciple of the famous enlightened Indian Advaita (Non-duality) Master Ramesh Balsekar. He was the teacher and former boyfriend of spiritual teacher Lisa Cairns.

What Roger shares 'is heavily influenced by, dedicated to, and in loving appreciation of Ramesh S Balsekar.' 

He talks about happiness in daily living and helps integrating the profound realizations of the Self into a functional and peaceful way of living.

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