On Gaia's website, we read that the Paracas elongated skulls can't be normal humans because their skulls aren't just long, they're 25% larger than normal human skulls. If you want to learn more about their alien conspiracies, you have to pay them $10/month. Jackson and I suspect they're stretching the truth to make a buck. 

Here is teh website where Gaia makes its claim. Screenshots of it in this video were taking April 14, 2018 (in case they modify the page): https://www.gaia.com/article/what-are-paracas-skulls

To see if making things up about skull volume is a viable trick for scam-artists to use, here we test your ability to judge volume by eye. Can you guess which cup is missing 40ml? Can you guess which cup has an extra 40ml? The answer will be revealed next week! 


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