Kirk Douglas is a Hollywood legend and at the very impressive age of 101 he is still going strong. But behind the scenes he is a real family man and devoted husband.
This image of him spending some quality time with his great-granddaughter Lua Izzy is all kids of cute. Lua is the daughter of Cameron Douglas whose father is fellow Hollywood actor Michael Douglas and his girlfriend Viviane Thibes
The beautiful moment, shared on Cameron’s Instagram, shows screen legend Kirk gazing at this sweet beautiful bundle with the caption “LOVE,” and that’s not all. Lua is also pictured with so many other members of her new family and it’s clear there is a lot of love for this little girl!

They even named her after her legend of a great-grandfather — her middle name, Izzy, is the nickname that Kirk used to go by. His birth name was IssurDanielovitch.

Words cannot express…. #Powerful #Bloodline,” Cameron captioned one photo of the pair. Kirk is the father of four boys, Michael being the eldest and his youngest Eric sadly passed away in 2004.
Kirk is one of the last surviving stars of the film industry’s Golden Age and will be 102 years old in December.
Lua’s middle name Izzy is a reference to Kirk’s birth name Issur so clearly he wanted to honor his grandpa when choosing a name.
What it’s all about   #Blessed with #Family,” is the caption Cameron wrote with the above picture of Lua with her grandfather Michael Douglas and his half siblings Dylan Michael and Carys Zeta.

She’s also met Michael’s wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, or “ZeeZee” as she is to Lua. Catherine married Michael in 2000 and they have two children together.
The happy parents have also posted pictures of their daughter with her grandma Diandra, who is an American movie producer and the rest of their extended family.
Diandra is Cameron’s mom and Michael’s ex-wife.

The little girl has also spent time with her aunts, Imara Douglas, who Diandra adopted in Kazakhstan, and (Michael and Catherine’s daughterCarys Zeta Douglas.

Lua’s really does have quite an impressive family. Her parents Cameron and yoga instructor Viviane are bursting with pride at their new bundle of joy.
What beautiful family photos. Please share these pictures of happiness with your friends and family and all the Douglas fans you know. Little does this little girl know what a dynasty she has been born into.

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