Security footage released by police in Texas shows the moment a gunman enters a McDonald's and tries to fire but his weapon jams.
Police in Texas said on Friday that a gunman's jammed pistol prevented him from carrying out a deadly rampage in a suburban McDonald's restaurant. 
Security footage released by police shows Jestin Anthony Joseph, 24, entering a McDonald's restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday night. 
He allegedly asked for a cup before drawing a gun and pointing it at diners, demanding their keys. 
Davage Armstrong was among those inside the restaurant when the incident occurred and quickly took cover. 
"I pulled myself inside of the McDonald's office," he said. 
"I was waiting for bullets to come through the door," he added. 
Joseph is seen later in the footage approaching a father and son at the counter and pulling the trigger - but the gun doesn't fire. 
He briefly scuffles with the man, who runs off, before walking around to the kitchen and pointing the gun at another patron. 
Sergeant Joe Loughman, of the Fort Worth Police Department, said Joseph pulled the trigger at least five times in total, and eventually fired a stray bullet in the car park before police arrived and arrested him. 
"He appeared to be intent to kill somebody, just lucky that it didn't happen," he said. 
Joseph has been charged with five counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and is being held on $500,000 bond. 

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