http://www.vladtv.com -Police in Missouri are searching for at least 180 people who were seen looting a local market after the grand jury decided not to charge Darren Wllison for the murder of Michael Brown. 

According to Yahoo News, officials decided to release to video this week of the November incident to get the assistance of the public to identify the looters. The group broke into the Dellwood Market in Dellwood with rocks and tools. After they couldn’t get the door open, several teens were seen kicking the door and the side of the walls down. The culprits filled the store within a few mins and grabbed chips, candy and unidentified bottles. While this clip shows the first few minutes of the looting, the incident actually lasted a few hours with no police in sight. 

The store was looted three times since the death of Brown, with the store open for 25 years. The owner of the establishment,  Mumtaz Lalani told Fox News last year he doesn’t plan to reopen the store. 

“It is not only the dollar amount," he said.  "It’s just the psychological effects, that I don’t feel safe anymore in my own neighborhood that I used to be doing my business in for the last 25 years.” 

Lalani says previous damages added up to at least $50 to $100,000. He also says his clerks says they noticed some of the people in the video. 


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