Two video titles:
A Home Depot rental van caught fire on the highway.    
Bad firefighting technique.

It was a valiant effort at putting out this fire,  but apparently with no training.?.?.?.?    This man is lucky it did not explode while he was within range,  it did "pop" three times which probably would have caused serious injuries to this man.  His technique was a waste of a fire extinguisher.

I am not a trained firefighter,  but if a car fire is this involved already there is no need to try to save it.  Secondly,  if you do try to put out a fire, any fire,  do not aim at the flames,  aim at the fuel (whatever is burning).  

The 2nd apparatus arriving blocked my view and it was out before I could reposition.  Rockwall Fire Department did a great job.

Hope the person renting the van got the insurance!

Glad it was a material loss only and that there were no injuries.

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