update 10/12 morning:
After reading a lot of comments saying the non-satisfying result is because I did it "all wrong", I tried it again this morning. I did record the process but my memory card had some strange issue I can't get the videos. 
Anyways, let's talk about yesterday's comment saying 
1."Your hair is too wet/dry to do the curls." I just followed the instruction, I did it when my hair was damp. How damp is it? I have no idea! How you suppose to measure it anyways? 
2. "You didn't use the cool setting to set the curls." I did, it still didn't last. 
3. "You should section your hair properly. " Ok, I bought this by thinking about saving me time when doing hair. i don't take so much time to section my hair so carefully when I am using a traditional curling iron, why would I do that with this thing? But I did it this morning just for the sake of "doing it right."
*I am not suppose to turn my wrist just let the machine do it. This, I did fix when I try again this morning. And yes , it dose makes the process feeling even cooler and funner.
But that being said, this "cool experience" still didn't fix the problems I had yesterday which is - barrel can't grab much hair at all; hair keeps falling down after some of them can be grabbed by the wand so you have to re-do it a lot; it takes forever to do your hair; you have very little control with how the curls would turn out. 
I used a stronger hair spray today, let's see how long that's gonna last. The time I took to style the curls making me feel it better last me ages! lol.
Ok, that's my update guys. I will be trying again. I really want to make this work, trust me. I am not trying to sabotage Dyson, why would I do that. I told you guys I love Dyson. I really just want to share a different voice here to "cool down" people's enthusiasm after watching all the commercial and sponsored videos. Btw, another of my friends who got this yesterday struggled too. And there is another lady who left me a comment down there struggling also.
Oh, one advantage I forgot to mention in the video is that this device doesn't burn you for sure. But again, it's 10x more expensive than traditional hot tools.
products mentioned: 
hey guys, I can't wait to share my thought with you guys about this world's most expensive curling iron. Hope you enjoy watching it and it helps you a little bit.


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