Cleansing your energy with a relaxing Reiki session that includes lots of energy plucking, hand movements and oracle reading for your tingles and relaxation. I hope you enjoy the nice deck of "card" sounds and page turning from the oracle guide book :)

Oracle Reading 0:00 - 21:42
Reiki and Energy Plucking 21:42 

Triggers found in this video include:
-soft speaking and whispering
-show and tell-ish :)
-card deck sounds
-page turning/book sounds
-Reiki hand movements
-energy plucking and pulling
-face touching
-comforting ASMR

P.S. This video is for "entertainment" purposes only as a way to create a platform for ASMR tingles and relaxation!This is not meant to infringe on anyone's own personal religious and/or spiritual practices and beliefs.   

Angel blessings!


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