There is a reason that we say that the most important skill in a gunfight is getting your gun out quickly and putting your first shot on target as fast as you can. Thankfully the store owner survived, but at Active Self Protection we want to do more than just survive, we want to win!

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What does this armed robbery teach us about protecting ourselves?

1. In most instances that we see on surveillance video, the first person to put shots on target wins the gunfight. That’s not 100% because injured people can stay in the fight a long time, but it is a good “rule of thumb” because once someone gets shot they usually stop thinking about whatever it is they were doing and start thinking about the pain they’re in and how not to get shot again. The lesson in that is clear: be the first to put shots on target. (this is the corollary to Joe Frick’s Rules for a Gunfight #3, “Only hits count. The only thing worse than a miss is a slow miss.”)

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Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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