This Gavin McInnes NYU Protest is wild. The NYU Protesters at Gavin McInnes speech have gotten out of control. After having been recently attacked with pepper spray,  Gavin McInnes is giving a speech at his New York University event. Of course, protesters still show up and start screaming chants about Trump (anti-Trump) and Muslims. Since Gavin was pepper sprayed before the event he is actually a champion for going out there in the first place and talking as long as he did despite his eyes burning. 

Of course, he couldn't say much because he kept being interrupted by interrupted by crazy violent liberals aka the "tolerant left" who also brought us the violence recently at the UC Berkeley protest. Hooray! Shut down events and silence all free speech as long as you don't agree with it, right leftists? "Violent left" is right. And let's not forget how many times liberals have attacked Milo Yiannopoulos. Also there is a hilarious screaming girl at one point in this video, screaming at Trump supporters who are just keeping their cool. The pepperspray was rumored to be teargas or tear gas at some point, by the way.

February 2, 2017 (2/2/17) 


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