From the ice man to a possible alien life form, these are ten of the most insane mummies ever discovered!

10. Lady Dai 
Although this Chinese woman died in 163 BC, her body was still extremely well-preserved over 2 000 years later when it was found. Lady Dai was an aristocrat woman who lived during the Han Dynasty so she was given a very elaborate tomb. When it was discovered by workers digging an air raid shelter in 1971, they found over 1 000 assorted artifacts accompanying the deceased woman. Among these were wooden figures representing her servants, makeup, toiletries and also a meal to feed her during the afterlife. Lady Dai is considered to be on of the most well-preserved mummies ever discovered and an autopsy conducted by scientists revealed that her body’s condition was similar to that of someone who, uh, just passed away. The corpse’s near-perfect condition upon discovery aided scientists in learning more about Lady Dai and how she died, seems to have been a pesky heart attack. Although not many details are known about Lady Dai’s life, it is predicted that the heart attack was onset by obesity, it was, unfortunately, a sign of wealth and prestige to afford lots of delicacies to eat and leisure time to eat them in.

9. Ginger, the Gebelein Man
Typically when Egyptian mummies are discovered they are well-prepared for the afterlife and buried with care. However, this wasn’t the case for Ginger, as the mummy has been nicknamed due to his red hair. Ginger, officially called the Gebelein man, died as a result of a stabbing...but not during a time of unrest or war. This incident was personal. Experts have determined that this murder, which took place 5 500 years ago was a surprise attack. Ginger’s daily routine was disrupted when his shoulder was stabbed with a copper or flint blade. The young man’s rib also got damaged and parts of it punctured his left lung, resulting in an almost immediate death. Although Ginger’s mummy was well-preserved when it was discovered near Thebes in 1896, it doesn’t reveal much about the deceased’s background.  Scientists have only been able to determine that Ginger was between 18 and 21 years old when he died and that he had a somewhat muscular body...maybe a lover’s quarrel?

8. Ötzi
The oldest mummy ever discovered in Europe, Otzi died 5,300 years ago when an arrow struck the iceman, damaging major vessels and leaving him paralyzed as he lay in a pit where would become his final resting place. Otzi’s body was well-preserved when it was found in the Alps in 1991. Since then, the mummy has been examined by numerous groups of researchers, in hopes of discovering more about the early humans during Otzi’s time. Upon careful analysis, scientists have been able to determine that Otzi lived during the Copper Age and died when he was 46 give or take. They can even tell us that he had brown eyes, relatives in Sardinia and was lactose-intolerant, just in case you were wondering. Copper Age tattoos have been discovered on the mummy’s body, which were created by slightly cutting the skin and then rubbing charcoal over it. 

7. La Doncella, the “Maiden”
“La Doncella”, which is Spanish for ‘the maiden’ died peacefully in her sleep as part of an Inca ritual. It has been determined that la Doncella had not been harmed prior to her passing...but that it wasn’t exactly an accident, either. It is believed that this teenage girl, along with the other children sacrificed with her, were treated very well in the months leading up to the sacrifice. It has also been revealed that la Doncella was a member of the elite in her community due to the substances that she had been ingesting. The girl had been consuming large amounts of alcohol and coca leaves in the months before her death, as preparation for the sacrifice. La Doncella and the younger children discovered near her were part of a sacrificial harvest ritual 500 years ago, called capacocha. After participating in several ceremonies, the children were lead to the summit of a volcano in the Andes and given a maize beer until they passed out. When that occurred, the accompanying priests placed the children in prepared underground niches so that they would freeze to death while unconcious. La Doncella’s body was well-preserved when it was discovered in 1999 due to the dry and icy conditions of the area. It was seen as honorable and necessary piece of life, and it’s even likely that la Doncella felt it was a reward to be chosen to participate.

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