Thursday, Aug 9 Hour 1: Men have been aborted. BLM candidates replacing whites. No love in anger

Lock Your Door made lego man of Jesse! “Men have been aborted.” Transgenders and bathrooms at the DMV! We have to stay in reality. | 2) It’s over in Ferguson, MO — white St. Louis county prosecutor replaced by Black Lives Matter-supporting candidate. South Africa president wants to take whites’ land without compensation. | 3) Support BOND http://rebuildingtheman.com Dinesh D’Souza on The Fallen State. Muslim training camp in NM allegedly taught kids to commit school shootings. Remains of one boy found. | 4) T of California talks briefly with Jesse. Mark of Alabama says love is not an emotion but says he gets angry and fussing with his wife. Jesse tells him anger is of Satan. Mark tries to say Jesus was angry, but that’s not true. | 5) James reports on professor predicting that Trump supporters will riot and “provoke violence” when he leaves. 

Aug 9 Hour 2: Female teacher raped male student; Man forgave single mom, was kept from father

Introducing Hector, producer’s intern. Male student awarded $2.1M after female teacher had sex with him and traumatized him at age of 15. | 2) More on the teacher (the video freezes!). Happy Men’s History Month. Tee of TN on Men’s History & White History. Republicans can defeat socialists. Justin of Kentucky forgave his single mother and his father. He was empty after achieving a lot. His mother kept him away from his father. | 3) The Fallen State preview with Dinesh D’Souza http://thefallenstate.tv Support BOND http://rebuildingtheman.com Read From Rage to Responsibility: God will return fathers to children: More with Justin whose father lived near him, but his mother undermined their relationship. He’s 25. | 4) Hector reads emails & Discord questions on Jesus, blacks, and forgiving dead parents. | 5) Ray of Champaign, IL, on “theybies,” not babies — pro-transgender madness. 

Aug 9 Hour 3: Man forgave mother, son forgave him. How do you resist the devil? 

Caller Jason of Mississippi, age 52, says he went and forgave his parents after talking with Jesse yesterday, saying he’s sorry for resenting them. His son Isaac, about 22, turned him and his wife on to Jesse, and he forgave them that day too. | 2) Travis of Louisiana answers Biblical Question: How do you resist the devil? He feels he could fix the world, but not himself. What about yourself you can’t fix? He says he’s better now. | 3) Dinesh D’Souza on The Fallen State — tonight. http://thefallenstate.tv The Zuke Brothers show off The Fallen State T-shirts, trolling their liberal family members. Watch Patreon Live on Jesse Lee Peterson Patreon http://patreon.com/jesseleepeterson Hector reads more: Should a Mexican move to USA? | 4) Hector reads more: Gideon 4000 forgave his mother, but didn’t like her acceptance of his apology. Norma Jean asks how a wife can help husband return to his alphaness. Martin of Holland asks about the difference between religion and spirituality. | 5) Patreon Live today at noon PT (2pm CT / 3pm ET) with Vox Day, the high-IQ guy. More with Martin — call back tomorrow! 


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