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Following on from our interview with Steve Mera regarding the Peruvian Mummies,The Asylum were contacted by a Peruvian researcher , identity withheld, he has made us aware of a huge piece of new information in this investigation. In the next few days we'll speak to 'Luca' and hear how they met and interviewed a man claiming to be one of the grave looters who procured Maria and others for a criminal gang. This is massively damaging news if true for those who have pushed some of these bodies as Alien hybrids, The smaller ones have been shown to be fake, Maria however, DOES have a DNA mutation that is interesting, unfortunately due to the illegal trade and those wishing to profit from these desecrated bodies we may never be able to find out just how interesting she may be, and even if another rarity turns up like this...who would believe it? It does however ask a very big question of those in the field who wish to not only push falsehoods, but profit from them.

''As Peruvians, we want to finish the Nasca Mummies case because it damaged our cultural legacy and many people made a lot of money out of that.'' (luca)

You can find Luca's channel and more research at - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUSy3mjgNjgQKyMuNI7Mt2Q

At the time of making this show, Thierry Jamin made a post in response to Steve Mera, you can find that here - 


Video recorded with a hidden camera,
The video shows one of our informants in Palpa,
For security reasons we will keep his identity hidden,
In the first part he reveals the materials used in making the hoax.
His testimony coincides with the conclusions reached by russian & French anthropologists,

The Informant is sitting in a car, he explains how he got all of the parts for someone. This person,(believed to be Mario) had also asked for ‘’brains from inside the skulls,the hearts of the dead.’’ Tired and hungry, he carried them in a bag in the sun before loading them into his car. The informant complained of the risk & how he received little pay,he asked for 300 usd.

There were about 8 in bodies in total,some were tiny fetuses, also including nerves,heads & skulls.

‘He’ called recently asking him to go and get more Llama bones, he was doing a job with the bones.

In the next part he reveals the technique, 

‘’That stuff that's made with a longer neck, the dead body is recoated, they put it in water. 
And it becomes flexible, you can stretch the neck, pull the throat and insert another one.’’

‘’Its stretched, and that's how they make  longer neck. If you want to change the head, you open it..There was a guy doing that. ‘’

(‘’have you seen them doing that?’’)

‘’ He does that’’

(‘’He showed you?) 

‘’He does that, I’ve seen it all,I’ve been inside, he wanted arms,legs...urgent!’’
‘’Nerves as well, he made me look for dry nerves..or blood. ‘’Get me blood’’ he will say. And i would get him blood’’

(‘’And the Aliens, how do they make them?’’)

‘’The recent one, the extraterrestrials. That's the one, the Martian! I told you, that one!’’

(‘’But they are small?’’)

‘’They are little, because they are little babies. Fetuses, got it?’’
‘’Same technique, he extracts the head.Move it gently and it comes off.The skin stays place. 
You can put a bigger head,a deformed one...or a Llama head, because he made me get several Llama heads. You can put it in, just put it in’’
(‘’And where did you get the Llama heads from?’’)

‘’There is a cemetery full of Llama heads, lots of them, i got him everything. I got him everything.’’

(‘’Did he boil all that?’’)

‘’He told me not to tell anyone!’’
‘’ He takes the head off and inserts another head. Pulls the skin,inserts another head, and leave it to dry.’’
‘’The skin dries again and sticks to the head’’
‘’Same here, (fingers) it sticks to it.You take this off,I don't know how they glue it, there is a guy who knows.’’
‘’’He inserts another section next to it.I think he used Llama bones, because they are bigger.’’
(‘’Like the ET’s are only  little?’’)
‘’Yes, but they have big toes,finger nails. They have only three’’ 


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