JJRC Cady Wida is a Gesture and Remote Controlled Humanoid Robot for kid. It is equipped with few fun features that are going to keep your kids busy for sure. Cady Wida can dance on pre loaded music, Walk and slide in different directions, speak in Machine Language, and patrol your house. It is also equipped with a collision detection sensor that enables it to detect obstacles in front of it during patrol and it will move away in other direction continuing the patrol. You can also record up to 50 moves that Cady Wida can playback using its moves record feature. Pre loaded with some English spoken statements, it grabs kids attention pretty quick. It is a neat fun robot that makes a good toy and a good gift for kids. Apart from this it is basically a Nao Robot Knockoff because it has exactly the same looks as Nao Robot. 

Grab Cady Wida Here

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