Grab a cuppa and get cosy, we're diving into all things oracle cards! 

If you're a card slinging beginner this step by step how-to is for you. 

Together we're going to explore:

šŸ’« What oracle cards are + what they can be used for 

šŸ’« Different types of oracle decks

šŸ’« How to develop a personal connection with your cards

šŸ’« How to prepare for + conduct your first oracle card reading

šŸ’« How to connect with your intuition in order to receive insights and guidance from your Higher Self + Spirit Tribe (Angels, Guides, Ancestors and whoever else you'd like to chitchat with!)

šŸ’« Troubleshooting common problems including what to do when you're not sure how a card relates to you

šŸ’« A collection of oracle card spreads for you to dive into, with demonstrations

šŸ’« How to blend multiple oracle decks + how to blend oracle and tarot cards. 

Excited? Yay! If there's one thing to take away from today's video it's that trusting your intuition is EVERYTHING - if your understanding of a card differs from the meaning provided in the accompanying guidebook, no worries! 

There is so much room for multiple interpretations and for the cultivation of a truly personal relationship with the cards in your hands. 

As always, the more you practice the smoother the reading process becomes... Keep going, sweet friends! You're embarking upon a truly wonderful journey. 

With love, gratitude and so much joy, 
Imogen x


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