Player: Mr.X & Chiara

The House of the Dead 4 is a horror-themed light gun arcade game and the fourth installment of the House of the Dead series of video games, developed by Sega. The game takes place between the events of The House of the Dead 2 and The House of the Dead III, and introduced several new gameplay concepts. Players can control characters James Taylor, from The House of the Dead 2 (on the left side), or Kate Green, a new character to the series (on the right side). The world record of 135,910 points was made by Ricky Stapp using one credit on the arcade system in Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis, IN.

The House of the Dead 4 is the first game to run on the Sega Lindbergh arcade system board. A PlayStation 3 version featuring support for PlayStation Move and the two stages from The House of the Dead 4 Special was released on April 17, 2012 on the PlayStation Network

In 2003, three years after the Goldman Case, veteran AMS agent James Taylor, and a new agent, Kate Green, are gathering intelligence at the fifth basement floor of the European branch office of the AMS in Italy (London in the Japanese dub). James still has the events of the 2000 "Goldman Case" on his mind, and believes that the ordeal has not yet ended. A sudden earthquake rocks the room while they talk, collapsing the basement walls and leaving the agents trapped.

Several days later, as the two await a rescue team, James' PDA goes off, and a group of undead are seen on the security cameras. Realizing that they are in danger, James has Kate gather all the weaponry they can find to defend themselves. Soon after, the two travel through the sewers to an information room where they uncover a plot to fire nuclear missiles worldwide within 24 hours' time, facing the four armed giant zombie Justice and a pair of mutant tarantulas known as The Lovers along the way. Taking the subway into zombie-infested streets from an underground shopping district, the agents narrowly avoid attacks by The Empress, a double-ended chainsaw-wielding assassin, and the massive, obese, and nearly impervious Temperance.

James and Kate then learn that the late one-time CEO of the now-defunct DBR Corporation, Goldman, is responsible for the resurgence of undead. All of his messages and current plans were set in motion even before his death. Upon reaching the surface, they find the city completely obliterated. Goldman sends them a PDA message indicating that the launch will occur in one hour. The agents reach the abandoned Goldman Building but upon entering the main foyer, a levitating humanoid named The Star, prevents their advance. After the Star is defeated, the duo continue onward. Ultimately, they arrive in time to halt Goldman's plans, though it is revealed that his true intention is to revert humankind to its original state in order to prevent them from harming the planet further. As such, his final legacy, The World, an insect-like humanoid with powers over ice, is released in the opening of "Pandora's Box" to fulfill its role as the successor to his original Emperor project in 2000, having developed underground since his death. As the AMS agents fight it, the World continuously evolves to become larger and more powerful. Following the World's second defeat, James sets his PDA to self-destruct and, telling Kate not to give up hope, sacrifices himself to destroy the World in the ensuing explosion.

The game has four endings available depending on the player's performance result during the game.

The "standard" ending has the view return to Goldman's computer. a recording of him saying that "the human race has not been eliminated", instructing to "travel north" while musing that "hope is such a splendid thing" as he leaves the room. The "bad" ending is essentially the same, though the camera pans on Goldman's face showing him changing into a zombie.

Another ending has G appearing outside the building and states that the zombie crisis has not yet ended while telling James to rest in peace and he will assist the heroes to face what awaits, setting off the events of The House of the Dead 4 Special. The fourth ending features the mysterious man previously seen in one of The House of the Dead III's ending, declaring Goldman to be soft and that humans have no need of hope, before stating that the true end shall soon begin and that there is more than one Pandora's Box. At the end of either endings, the screen displays "The story continues in The House of the Dead III". 


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