"Tommy" is a poem written by Rudyard Kipling in 1892 telling the ambivalent attitude of the general public to soldiers, an attitude which all too sadly has continued to this day, heroes when fighting for their country, but second-class citizens when the fighting is over!
My friend Cecil suggested that this poem might be set to music and suggested the tune to the song "Engine 143" as a possible melody. On listening to this song, I believe that Tom Paxton probably 'borrowed' the tune for his song "Georgie On The Freeway" with which I am familiar, so I have loosely based the tune I have used for Tommy on these two songs, but have added a twist in the second half of each of the verses again at the suggestion of Cecil by including an Am chord and adjusting the melody slightly.
I hope you like the result, especially as my friend Cecil suggests this may be the first time this poem has been set to music. 


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