In a previous YouTube video Leggett & Platt demonstrated how the Spartan F Series Plus High Security Showcase can stop smash & grab thieves.

The Spartan Security Showcase features polycarbonate panels that are 250X stronger than glass and 30X stronger than acrylic and, yet, offer clarity that rivals glass.

To prove that point, we set one up and tried to smash it open with a baseball bat, a crowbar and a sledgehammer.  We couldn't.  However, we knew some people might be skeptical.

As it turns out one of our clients, Dunham Sports, one of America's largest sporting goods chains, also gave it a try.  Randal Nickerson, Director of Loss Prevention for Dunham, went at a Spartan Security Showcase.  You can see the results in this video.

The Spartan F Series Plus High Security Showcase is ideal for securing merchandise that is vulnerable to smash & grab thieves -- items like jewelry, portable electronics, firearms and ammunition.  And, while it safeguards your inventory, it also shows it off beautifully.  To learn more, call Leggett & Platt at 1-612-812-1482 or visit www.spartanshowcase.com. 


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