Comparing the Huawei P30 Pro quad-lens camera with the Mate 20 Pro and standard P30 smartphone for photo and video quality, with a full run-down of the differences in hardware and features.

The new P30 Pro boasts Huawei's best camera tech to date, serving up a 40MP ‘SuperSpectrum’ f/1.6 shooter with Optical Image Stabilisation, plus a 20MP Ultra Wide Angle and impressive 8MP Periscope lens, which stretches to a mighty 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid lossless zoom. You even get a ToF lens for AR purposes.

That's a step up from the Mate 20 Pro, which in comparison sports a 40MP f/1.8 camera, plus 20MP UWA and 8MP telephoto lens, offering a 3x optical zoom. And while the standard P30 handset uses the same Super Spectrum tech as the Pro model, the rest of the specs are almost identical to the Mate.

So is the P30 Pro actually better for capturing everyday photos and videos? Well as you'll see it's definitely best for those distance shots, yet the other Huawei handsets are almost a match in other regards. The Mate is certainly still one of our favourite camera phones of 2019, thanks to that flexible nature and the smart night mode, which still excels - although these new mobiles do improve on the results. 


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