John Paul Getty III's Kidnapping Is Still One of the Wildest True Crime Stories in History.
The true crime TV series just keep coming, and we are sooo here for it! While American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace is the top FX series everyone is talking about in the new year, they also have another iconic crime show on the way: Trust. The show is Danny Boyle's take on the showing 1973 kidnapping of oil heir John Paul Getty III. The story is practically made for the screen: the intricate plan, the family drama, the life-or-death stakes... it's going to be amazing! The story will also be portrayed in Ridley Scott's Oscar contender All The Money In The World. If you're not familiar with one of the most intense true crime cases of all time, we have everything you need to know! 

The shocking drama started in 1973 when John was just 16. He was a bit of a troublemaker at the time, and had joked repeatedly that he should stage a kidnapping to get money from his grandfather, oil magnate J. Paul Getty. So when he went missing, his family didn't really believe his kidnappers. However, he had truly been stolen from his home in Rome and taken to a hideout in the Italian mountains. The kidnappers wanted $17 million, but his grandfather refused to give it to them, worrying that it would make his 14 other grandkids more susceptible to kidnapping. 

Four months later, John's ear and a lock of his hair were sent in an envelope to a newspaper. The criminals threatened to keep chopping him up until they got their money. Finally, after another month, $2.2 million in ransom was paid, and John was returned to a gas station. He tried to contact his grandfather to thank him, but he refused to speak to his grandson. Nine people were arrested connected to the murder, many of whom were Italian mafia members. However, only two were convicted, and the money was never recovered. 

 John at Andy Warhol's house party. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


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