General Video Stuff:
YAY!! Finally a new REAL video! I'm not gonna name all the troubles I've had with it, migth prevent them from annoying me again! ;P If you wanna know anyway, simply follow me on Twitter & I'll bug you with all my little problems in life! XD 
Now onto the videoooo! Crissi suggested the song and reminded me of how much I LOVED it in 2008!! I've also vidded it before but the video got disabled a few months later when youtube started being bitchy, haha! That's also why I've pitch shifted it!
I like the outcome, it's kind of a character tribute of Esther's "big brother" XD I remember being really shocked when she... basicly killed him!... Only when I watched the movie for the first time but that wasss SCARY!!! o.O He figures out Esther's real personality from the very beginning and tries to tell his parents, but they never believe him. Poor boy!! :P Errr... now just enjoy it! :)

Further Video Info:
Song: Welcome To My Life
Artist: Simple Plan (pitch shifted)
Clips from: *not telling*
Pictures from: screencaps, http://www.teenidols4you.com/picture/385/2231/jimmy_bennett.html
Quote(s) from: Jimmy Bennett interview for Orphan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3ivPPHahCY)

Dedicated tooooooo...
1. Crissi for the song suggestion
2. Sara for adding an earthquake effect on one clip for me
:D :D :D

Crazyyy Question::
Okay, do you have a song suggestion for a Maxine tribute? :P
I'm sure I'd find one myself, but just to hear your ideas :)

Twitterrrr again XD http://twitter.com/simmony


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