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Like children, society can be mean- unfair, even. Watch as we see a man buck society's expectations and finally own who he is in this Millennials Of New York video. 

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Director of Branded Video: Alex Casner
Associate Producer: Camille D'Elia 
MONY Producer/Director: Skyler Fulton
Director of Photography/Editor: Colin Hingel
Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Kareem Atallah 
Sound Mixer: Evan DeVitto 
Executive Producer, Elite Daily: Tyler Gildin

Written by: Skyler Fulton, Alec MacDonald & Connor Toole

Music Courtesy of Extreme Music:

"Thank God it's Monday"
Written by Andrew McNeill, Rachel Wood, Tony Morley

"Unpleasant Dreams"       
Written by Jasha Alain Klebe, Brunce Fingers, Billie Ray Fingers

"Yours to Love"
Written by Scott Krippyane, Michael Dennis Smith, Tony Lee Stafford Jr., NINEONEONE

"Light Swell"
Written by Dirty Dick, Carrie Harry, Bart K. Hendrickson

"Ursa Major"       
Written by Russell Jason Emanuel, Dolphin Taylor 

Special Thanks to Daniel Arbeeny, Tacombi Flatiron (www.tacombi.com) and The Chester Biergarten at The Gansevoort Hotel (www.thechester.com).  

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