Each floor of Grenfell Tower is a kind of microcosm of London – and of the tragedy that unfolded that terrible night in June. This is the harrowing story of the 10 adults and five children who lived on the 21st floor. Nine of them survived the fire. Six of them - and one unborn baby - perished. After weeks of research, Katie Razzall and producers Nick Menzies and Sara Moralioglu have pieced together their stories for the first time. * Warning: This film contains content that some viewers may find distressing * 

Reporter: Katie Razzall

Producers: Nick Menzies and Sara Moralioglu 
Researcher: Yasminara Khan

Camera: Jonathan Callery, Jack Garland, Keith Morris, Ian Pritchard and Luke Winsbury 
Picture editors: Dominic Lutier and Philippa Shaylor
Graphic design:  Mark Edwards, Sandra Rodriguez Chillida, Jacqueline Galvin and Steve Glew 


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